Alex Pettyfer And Gabriella Wilde Feel Sting Of 'Endless Love' In First Trailer

The pair stars in the new film about young love and everything that can get in its way.
It’s nice to hear a story of “Boy meets girl; boy and girl live happily ever after,” but real life — and the movies, for that matter — is never that simple.

Such is the case with “Endless Love,” the new adaptation of Scott Spencer’s book starring Alex Pettyfer, most recently seen in “Magic Mike,” and Gabriella Wilde, who will appear next in the “Carrie” remake with Chloe Grace Moretz.

Endless Love” tells the story of Jade and David, who meet one summer and fall in love rather quickly. This comes as distressing news to Jade’s father, played by Bruce Greenwod. He is suspicious of David and launches an investigation into his past, which by the looks of the trailer is at least a little checkered.

You’ll now be able to get your first look at “Endless Love” because MTV News has your exclusive first look at the trailer, which begins like any other romance movie but quickly devolves into something much more dark and complex.

We we get to see a little more of David’s previous run-ins with the law, hinted at by his willingness to “borrow” a car from the country club where he works. The back end of the preview teases some of the darkness that was very much present in the original Spencer novel.

“Endless Love” was previously adapted in the 1981 with Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt in the lead roles. That film was notable in part because it marked the first feature film appearance by a young Tom Cruise. James Spader co-starred.

“Endless Love” opens in theaters on February 14.

Source: MTV News

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