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Events and Photoshoots Update

I’ve just updated the gallery with photos from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival as well as an outtake from Alex’s Diesel campaign.

Gallery Links:
Events > 2018
Photoshoots > Portraits > Set 010
Photoshoots > Outtakes > Set 056

2017 Public Appearance Photo Update

I have added a few images of Alex from recent public appearances to the image gallery from 2017, hopefully he’ll do more in 2018!

0003.jpg 0001.jpg 0005.jpg 0001.jpg

Gallery Link:

Photos: Montblanc Urban Spirit Launch

Yesterday, Alex was in Paris attending the Montblanc Urban Spirit Launch and I’ve added high quality photos into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Events > 2016 > June 21: Montblanc Urban Spirit Launch In Paris

Photos: Elvis & Nixon Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Last night, Alex attended the Tribeca Film Festival where his latest project Elvis & Nixon premiered and I’ve just added photos from the premiere into the gallery.

Gallery Links
Events > 2016 > April 18: Tribeca Film Festival – “Elvis & Nixon” Premiere

Photos: Appearance on "Extra"

Today, Alex was on Extra, promoting the novel Blood Ink Fire and I’ve added photos into the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
• Events > 2015 > November 30: ‘Extra’

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